Finding Happiness with One Goal a Day

This Article came to me from Dr. Rick Schaefer. He’s been an incredible source of support for one of my clients struggling with health issues. His positive messages are uplifting and his lifestyle techniques are easy to apply, helping you to really change your world. For more info & articles, please visit


Sometimes, the pressures of our professional and personal lives can start to feel a little overwhelming, can they not? Between work and family and school, life can get a little hectic. This is why many people tend to find themselves overtaken by negative habits such as procrastination, or find themselves simply overtaken by negative thoughts. To turn your life around and really find joy, you need you change your outlook immediately. One of the best ways to find a fulfilling and happy life is to change your thinking and keep your mind full of positive energy and thoughts at any given moment in the day. It is very trendy these days to be stressed or depressed, but these thoughts are anything but productive.

One of the key ways to finding joy lies in a very simple principle: The law of attraction. The law of attraction basically says that you will receive what you put out into the universe, as in, positive thoughts and aspirations will draw in positive experiences and rewards, while negative thoughts and energy will draw in negative experiences and unwanted results. If you are on a quest to find happiness through positive thinking, here is a quick tip that will put you on the right path towards achieving this goal:

Find Happiness With One Goal a Day. Here is a quick way to begin your journey towards happiness and fulfillment. Every morning when you wake up, before you get out of bed, think of one goal that you would like to see fulfilled that day. Maybe you want to achieve something really out of the ordinary at work, or maybe you just want to tack on an extra fifteen minutes on your daily walk with Fido. Whatever this goal is, promise yourself that you will achieve it. Here is a bonus tip: the sooner you finish this goal, the better. The feeling of achievement is a powerful one, and getting a sense of fulfillment early in the day can help to create a positive tone and energy for the rest of your day. Who knows? You may even find yourself completing two, three, or ten goals before the day is through!

The road to personal fulfillment and joy is a simple one which requires attention and practice. But if you are willing to fully commit yourself to practicing and to these goals, you will soon see an increase in your sense of personal happiness.