Breast Cancer Information

I got this letter as an email from a colleague and thought it would be great to share with others on the path of health & wellness. Breast cancer touches so many of us, it’s good to know about ALL of the facts so we can help each other as much as possible.


Subj: BREAST CANCER … amazing information!

BREAST CANCER: In October, 2006, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I had 2 lumpectomies; went through chemotherapy, herceptin and radiation; also, had a partial hysterectomy. When I finished the chemo, I restarted my Nutriferon, Vita-Lea, Osteomatrix, and Sustained Release Vita-C, and 6 months prior to my last check up I started on VIVIX . My physician, who is Head, Surgical Oncology in the Breast department, at Moffitt Cancer Center, in Tampa, Florida said my blood work and exam were EXECLENT!

I asked if they were any closer to a cure for breast cancer. The doctor said “No”, but that a substance has been found to treat the individualized expression of breast cancer, such as, Herceptin for non-hormonal breast cancer. They feel it will prevent the re-occurrence of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Moffitt has just put in for a one-million dollar grant for a clinical trial of this substance. When I asked “What is the substance”, the doctor said it was resveratrol!

I said I have been taking Shaklee’s Vivix (Resveratrol) for 6 months; can I be a part of the study? The doctor looked surprised and said “You’re the first person that we have ever seen that had such great results with resveratrol. Since you’ve been on it already, I will request for you be a patient advocate during the testing”. If the grant is approved I would be thrilled that I will be helping the Susan B. Komen Foundation in this study.

Once you have experienced breast cancer (a disease that has no cure, yet), at every checkup, you can’t help but have an underlying fear. Taking Vivix, Nutriferon and the other supplements take the edge off knowing that they may prevent the re-occurrence of cancer.

Barbara W, Seminole, FL 9/17/2009