Remodelling Your World by Deborah Lighthart

“We, the Beings of Light that exist through the veil between the worlds, have come to help you awaken. At this time, there is a great awakening process going on all over the world. You can see it everywhere. You can feel it in yourself. People are beginning to shift their focus and beginning to realize the truth about their world. Some are still living in “old school” mentality, some are living in the new vibrations and most are in varying stages between the two. Our work is to help you release your old stagnant patterns and to replace them with newer, clearer, higher functioning energies. We are helping to “upgrade” your existence, to “remodel” your world.

When We say “your world,” it carries a double meaning. We do work with the planetary vibrational changes, but we are more concerned ”your world” meaning the world that you exist in & interact with on a daily basis. By assisting each person in maintaining their own inner world, it will help shift the outer reality. Our work is to assist this process from every angle, assisting every person, whether they are paying attention to Us or not. Those who listen, make it easier for Us to Our work, but We will do it no matter what, because of Our deep love & commitment to the earth realm. It is such a beautiful place and many of Us have had many lifetimes incarnated in this realm which have brought Us to the beautiful heavenly existence which we now have. We want to give back. We want to maintain this “university” where souls come to get their spiritual lessons as human beings. Just as when you graduate from a college that has offered you the best education possible and you have become a complete success in your profession because of it, you want to help maintain that opportunity for others. We want that for you. We have come through the earth, and received Her infinite wisdom and growth and have come to an amazing Heavenly space because of it. There is no professional success that can compare to Our bliss. Our only desire is to give back. We want to give you the same opportunities to grow & experience Light, but the tools of the process are changing.
Once upon a time, humanity used challenge to foster growth. Earth was like boot camp, presenting you with suffering in order to help you achieve higher states of being. Now, there are more effective tools available. Instead of enduring the suffering to receive the lesson, people are choosing to shine their Light through the suffering, transforming it. Many people are shifting to see the suffering as an area where healing is needed, and they are moving through their lessons so much quickly than their ancestors. We are amazed at how fast people are awakening. How fast they are learning to experience their lives in a different forum.
We talked yesterday about how it is not attending the “New Age” groups that raises your vibrations, it is living according to those principles. Many people are out there awakening to their Divinity without labelling it as such, but they are awakening just the same. Many people are attending the groups, but perhaps not applying the techniques to their daily lives, and their awakening process is stifled. This is the time for all humans to hold the highest frequency in their lives, to assist the natural growth of the planet. We, the Being of Light & Love, we are here to assist that process. As you move along your own personal evolutionary path, We are here to support you & guide you. Our work is to help you build your own bridge between Heaven & Earth, creating your life to exist in a state of bliss & contentment.
Your energies are stronger now than ever before and will continue to grow stronger & stronger. You will magnetize what your belief system holds to be true and you will magnetize it faster & stronger than ever. The exercises that are learned in the New Age community are leading the way for rapid change in the human existence. Helping to facilitate each other’s growth is the key to building the bridges between the realms. Your path to heavenly experiences in this realm comes from listening to your heart. Following your dreams. When those dreams do not manifest exactly as you wished them, just loving yourself and your life as it has manifested will allow the creative force to work with you again to manifest more dreams. Do not get locked into disappointment, frustration or setback, but allow yourself to create again. And again. And again, until the dreams manifest as you intended them.
Always remember that Love is the healing force that overcomes all obstacles. Love is the most powerful healing tool we have. Love yourself unconditionally. Love your neighbors completely. Love your life infinitely. Love will remodel your world from the inside, out, bringing you as close to Heaven as you can get without actually leaving your body.
Blessings of Love to all of you!
Asa, “The Great Healer”, Spirit Guide of Deborah Lighthart”