Miracle Grow for Your Soul by Deborah Lighthart

Message from my Angels this morning

“We, Beings of Light, that exist beyond your world, We are working to share with you the beauty that exists within you. There is nothing more beautiful that your unique spirit awakening to it’s full potential, allowing you to be all that you were born to be. We want to help you bloom like the beautiful flowers. Some of you are working so hard to grow your roots, others to spread your leaves to the sky and others to blossom delicate petals within your soul. You are all so beautiful to cultivate and We Angels are like gardeners, working to help you grow in every way. When you realize your connection to Us, to your Higher Power and to your Source, you will naturally realize an acceleration of your growth process. Your life automatically raises to a higher vibrational existence, allowing you to feel what many are calling “in the flow.” Our work is to help you move into that vibrational energy and to allow you to achieve the miracles of your world. 
Trust in your Divine Nature. Allow yourself to be guided to the Light which your body, mind & spirit will naturally gravitate toward. Just as you see that every seedling will naturally reach toward the sun to receive the nutrients it needs to grow, you will naturally be guided toward the Light of the Universe to receive what you need to grow. Be gentle with yourself. Love & appreciate your own Divine process, having faith that you are exactly where you need to be, growing in exactly the ways you need to grow, to facilitate the supreme expression of your full gifts. Be gentle with each other. Love & appreciate each individual’s unique process. Some of you may be hurting and so you express anger. Some of you may be feeling fear, so you express rage. Allow your emotional expressions to take the healthiest form you can. And forgive each other & yourselves as quickly as possible for any hurt that is caused by interactions during painful emotional expressions. Compassion is the key that will set you free.
Please know that We are here at all times, even those when you are not able to sense Us. Our work is to help you achieve the best experience possible on earth, learning what your soul needs to learn and living the life you were destined to live, free of suffering.

Blessings of Love to you all.
Asa, "The Great Healer" as channeled by Deborah Lighthart