Poetry Prayer

This morning, I was inspired to write again. I felt a healing happening as this poem/prayer poured through me. I decided to post it for others, in case it could bring healing to them too. If it moves you, please feel free to share it.

Archangel Michael
With your sword of Truth
Cut through the lies within me
The feelings of unworthiness
And self-deprecation
Strip me of the judgements I carry
The misunderstandings, the separations
All that prevents me from seeing Reality
Trim away the thoughts of darkness & defeat
The inadequacies & insecurities
Draw a circle of Light around me
Strengthening me
Empowering me
Protecting me from the lies in the world
Let no one cross into my realm carrying negativity
And if they do, let them throw it like a ball
Bouncing into oblivion
Let us see that Our Light is all One Light
Allow me to see my Truth
To speak my Truth
To be my Truth
In all it’s glory
Knowing that I am worthy
I am capable
I am beautiful
I am a spark of the Divine, a child of God
I am deserving of all miracles
Great and small
And most of all
The miracle of me