"The Others" by Phyllis Heitkamp

What would you like to ask, if you could get an answer to any question that you have been thinking about?

When I was taking a healing class in Racine, we would work as a group on different members. Each time we met, everyone had a change to have some part of their body worked on. Yes, it was energy healing. We had learned to pull “junk” out of the area that we were working on and help move energy up and down the body. Whoever was working on the feet, would pull the energy down and off the end of the body. The person working the head area would blow energy into the top of this body. Everyone in the middle would work to keep the energy moving by keeping the chakras spinning.

One evening our teacher told us that she was going to show us what our aura looked like. In a darkened room, with only reflected light from a hallway, she stood by a white wall. We watched as she pulled up Mother Earth’s energy in to her body. Then she pulled down the God energy from the sky and combined them in her solar plexus area to be able to move this energy out of her hands. We watched her shoot swords of light to the wall through her palms. I remember commenting that she was constantly changing color. She explained that the God energy is a different color than Earth’s energy.

Once we could see the energy around the body, she asked each of us to come up by the wall and allow the class to see the energy around us. When it was my turn, I showed them how I make balls of energy and send them off. Usually I do this to plants but in this case I just sent these balls of white light to the nearest wall. Those who could see energy talked about it, the rest of the class was still learning.

Because most of the people there only saw the energy, some of them ask me what color they were. The colors seem to be colored smoke that floated around them. People don’t come in one color but have different colors in different places on their bodies. For example, their arms might be light blue and the head might be yellow. I don’t really understand the colors and what they mean but it isn’t hard to see them, it just takes practice. We have to look with our spiritual eyes and not have any expectations.

My teacher suggested that I try some automatic writing. I had never heard of that before but why not. It did sound like something I would like to try. She told me that I should get into a meditative state, then ask questions and see what happens.
My husband goes to bed at 8:00pm summer or winter so that sounded like a good time to do this. After it got dark out and the house was quiet, I lighted one white candle, and then relaxed in a chair with a pencil and paper on my lap. I have found that when I meditate, I relax and wait for the “Colors”. In my mind’s eye, I see different colors that whorl around each other much like the colors in an oil slick. They just move this way and that way. I don’t really concentrate on anything but enjoy watching the colors. I found this way of meditating when people would tell me to clear my mind of every thought and just allow. Every time that I “allowed” the colors would come.

Now to ask a question, at first I wasn’t sure what to ask so I decided to ask about the Devas (Plant angels). My first questions was:

Q: How do I get more insight on Devas? Will they ever approach me?
There was a very long pause as I poised my pencil over the paper. Still not knowing what would happen, Little at a time I would get a word and write it down. Sometimes waiting for the next word, I would imagine what it would be but I usually got it wrong.
A: It is all not known what you need to know. How would we share? We need together? We understand your limitations. We need others to be one. We see all in one in everything. There is no one only all. Time is only now. Form can change at will. The will of the designer. God is the designer. Many can redesign something. It will follow blueprint. We are helping it. Example, transfer. Normally more love on inside. Enlighten area. Caring and loving energy, they transmute into food. The plants use it like sun’s energy. We are open, wish to share and guide.

Q: Why is my Cat here?
A: She is aware of us, is viewing this conversation.
(Side note: when I was reading Jean Aue's books about the wilderness life of an Indian women, my cats would come to enjoy the pictures that I made in my head. Cats are very good at reading pictures. )

Q: May I talk to the Devas of Oakwell?
A: You are there, we are all and share. Much stress on us too. Most are stressed. Send love/light at all times. Much stress. Many changes now and ahead. Many of us around you most of the time. People very unaware. We enjoy your energies. We are one, we share energies. We can try, we can share our oneness. We are here to help. Lighten your heart. Fill with love.

Q: What can I share with my group that would be helpful?
A: Things are on schedule.

Q: what does that mean?
A: Each person is where he is meant to be. All is well.

Q: Why are we impatient?
A: Think in fast forward not now.

Q: Why do I have a headache?
A: It is Vern’s

Q: It is also gone now. Thanks. May I talk to the Oakwell Devas?
A: It surprised you to ID the owner of the pain. We too pick up that around us. Much pain, hurting. We get very sad. Have to let it go. We need less stress, noise, hurting. We feel human hurt, anger. It is hard on us. We liked the pink light you cleaned out with after the family party. It helps put balance into areas. When we are in balance we assist those around us. Chain reaction. We are able to put stop to bad and not pass that along. Do it by transmuting it. This takes energy. Light is wonderful. Pierces soul/heart. Check water tomorrow. Some help needed. Remember to lighten heart and send love. We are you.

I waited a while and then because my cats were running around like everything, I asked,

Q: Who are my cats chasing?
A: The beings in this room. Many were drawn by your music and meditation. Most important to bring Christ light in.

Q: What do you look like to my cats?
A: Like little sparks of life. The God (good) energy.

Q: May I talk to the Devas?
A: We are all here. We are all one. Many things to do. No time to do. Give all. Must find more time. We will help you understand it. Extremes are good. People need them to understand the middle. Value your judgment. Must be careful not to rush people. Most are rushing to catch up. The party allowed you to do the catching up. Need to see others that are just ahead of you. Time means nothing, it is all in the heart. We will bless all. Have heart smile. Give love.

Q: Is there anyone or anything else I should know about?
A: The light of the rose is beautiful, radiant. Send to everyone. Be there. Allow more. All are sparks of God, all are learning.
Q: May I talk to the Oakwell Devas?
A: You can see why we play games with you at times. We need joy. There is joy only as it is created. All can create. The tapes are very good. All truth is everywhere. Send more love/light into areas. Be free to help all who need. You will be guided. We are here. Your light attracts us. We enjoy it. There is much light. All need it. Love to you. The heart is good. We are you.
Everytime I sat down to do this, I felt that maybe I was doing it myself. So I tried to see what words would come to me next because I would get one word at a time. So the next time I asked:

Q: How do the Devas feel about a plum tree?
And I got one word at a time that said..
A: We accept your triangle but would like to help. (When I heard the “we accept” I had no idea how this sentence was going to be finished, so the rest of it was all theirs. They continued to say…) All needs to be put together with love. All is not right. We need your input. We like fruits..Must give more thought to design when spring comes. All need redesigning. We will work together to have a co-created garden. We need you to see our ideas and do. Friend left to be part of celebration ( I told Vern that I thought there was a pine tree in our neighbor's yard that was missing. ) Only form left, being still resides in the pines. Apple area need cooperation. Pear not happy with area. We will work on that. Send love even in the winter. We will care for all. All are one. Love heart. We are you.

I did this through the winter of ’92-’93. What I put down here is verbatim of what I got during that time. Later in ’93, I got a lot more information. Some of it relating to others, some relating to family situations but all of it telling me that I am here to help and that I have more resources than I am aware of. I don’t always feel that way and yet I know that I am never alone. I have always felt that in this lifetime I am here to help the planet (and everything on it) to move into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away." (Rev.) "For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the lord, so shall your seed and your name remain."(Is. )