Clearing Your Space of Entities & Negative Energies

Today I was asked about clearing a store that has several entities that are making mischief in the space by pushing people around, blurring the realms and just creating chaotic energy and discomfort for anyone working there. Of course, you could always hire an exorcist, but then who do you trust? It's so hard to find someone good out there. Here is my suggestion for dealing with it in-house, very cheaply + effectively.

Given the story, if it were my store, here is what I would do: First you do a transitioning ritual involving as many people as humanly possibly. Whatever healers & psychics & positive people you can pull in. Set up your sacred space for clearing. Start by drumming & rattling. (makeshift drums from covered bowls and rattles from plastic bottles of beans work just fine). This step can really help to shake things up, which is what you want to do to get the action started. You want to wake up every energy in the space so no one is left unaware of what is about to happen. You'll want to continue with your drums & rattles during each step of setting up the space.

Using all of the elements of our world, start with these steps.

1. (Earth) - Sprinkling salt around the entire perimeter of the building.
You could say, "As this salt lays down on the ground around our building, with all of the power of the earth, I ask that this space be protected from all negative energies through all space, time, dimensions and realities." (continue with the drums & rattles)

2. (Air) - Smudging the entire space with the windows cracked open at least an inch. As you smudge, ask that all negative energies be released from your space.
You could say something like, "We are gathering here today to release all negative energies from this building and this business. As we blow this smoke throughout the air, we are allowing all negative energies and spirits to be released from this space."
(continue with the drums & rattles)

3. (Fire) - Light white candles with prayerful intent. Asking that the space be filled with Light and Love.
You could say, "As we light these candles, we are allowing the Great Mother with her powerful core to light the fires of power to protect our space and to surround us in Light." (continue with the drums & rattles)

4. (Water) - Rose water sprayed with a spritzer bottle throughout the space.
You could say, "Calling up the the healing energies of water to give us balance and peace, we ask that our space be washed and cleared of all negativity." (continue with the drums & rattles)

5. (Spirit) Utilize whatever spiritual symbols you ascribe to.
You could say, "As I place this cross, I ask that the spirit of Jesus guide us & protect us" or just use whatever spiritual symbols work for you. (continue with the drums & rattles)

Once your space is set, you can set down the drums & rattles and join hands with all involved, forming a circle of Light. Clear your hearts to be prepared for assisting in transition. Then, you call in all the Archangels & all beings of Light that are available. Ask for anyone & everyone who can assist in transitioning. Call on all animal spirits that assist in crossing over. Then, call in all of the lost souls that have been wandering anywhere in or near your shoppe. As they step forward ask specificly for any spirits & beings of Light with whom these lost souls would feel comfortable (that part is VERY important.) When you feel you have gathered all Beings, then invite the Spirits to begin walking the souls into the Light. Some will walk immediately, some will need more assistance. That is fine, just wait & trust that they will all leave as they are ready. Keep inviting them verbally to join their loved ones.

If any refuse to leave, just continue calling on more & more spirits with whom this entity will feel comfortable. Use a bell if you have to. Ring it softly and work your way up to louder if you need to. No one wants to walk into an unknown space (even the beauty of Heaven) without someone to hold their hand and make them feel safe, especially souls that have gotten lost in the darkness. The Light scares them way too much. Even the nastiest, most mean-spirited soul has someone who they once felt safe & comfortable with at some point in their history. So keep calling until you get the right one.

If the spirits act up and start trying to intimidate you, take that as a good sign. It's like when you tell someone something about themselves that they don't want to hear. They will get angry & reject it at first. Your work is to stay in the space of Love & Light and not to feed into any fear or negativity. Dark spirits (and dark humans for that matter) feed off fear/anger and it gives them power to make mischief in our world. if you have any of those, remind your group to fill their hearts with love and to hold it strongly.

This cleansing ritual is best performed under a new moon. If that's not possible, a full moon is good too. And if you cannot get it all clear in one try (sometimes this can be a very draining psychic experience), repeat it again and again until you're clear.